Updates For 2014
Hello everyone! PitKrew Kennels would like to announce that we have made some recent updates to our website, including adding some of the new breedings and puppies for sale for this year. Please feel dog
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year guys! From all of us here at PitKrew Kennels' American Bullies, I'd like to extend our deepest gratitude for all of your support and love. 2012 is on the verge of being over with and a dog
Razors Edge Puppies For Sale!!!
We have puppies for sale off our exclusive Razors Edge "Desperado" X "PitKrew's "Modelo" litter! Take advantage of our holiday season prices to save on an excellent show-quality four-legged family memdog
2012 ABKC Nationals
2012 ABKC NATIONALS. ELITE EDGE. What is the bully community? By definition, a community is "a body of persons of common and especially professional interests scattered through a larger society." Ifdog

Welcome to PitKrew Kennels! We are a Chicago based, family operated kennel aimed at breeding American Bullies with amiable temperaments, good conformation and athletic dispositions. We feel that these are the three traits that are most important in maintaining and bettering the American Bully breed. Since first being involved with the original American Pitbull Terrier in 1978, we have seen the rise and evolution of the breed and are now witness to, what we feel, is the start of the decline of the American Bully breed. Too many times, we have seen breeders focusing their kennel programs on the short and stocky appearance of the American Bully, without taking into consideration their health, structural correctness and overall well-being. In our search for the perfect American Bully, we have spared no expense in purchasing dogs from the best kennels around the nation. Our program consists mostly of the RazorsEdge, Gottiline, WatchDog, Xtreme Bully Pitbulls and Mugleston bloodlines of the American Bully. We feel that with the right combination of the good traits applicable to each bloodline, we can eventually take the American Bully breed in the right direction and produce the perfect American Bully. In essence, we like the Bully look that includes big, blocky heads, significant muscular development, wide chests and thick bone structure, but we want to combine all these traits while still maintaining the structural integrity and athletic ability of the original American Pitbull Terrier.

While most of our dogs will have the “blue” color, we do not breed solely to achieve this specific trait. Beauty is found in all sizes and colors but our focus, here at PitKrew Kennels, is to breed medium, large and extra large American Bullies. Our motto is “Beauty is where you find it.” In other words, we do not feel the pressure to conform to fads or, even, the looks that other kennels have set for their specific programs. We breed according to our liking in order to achieve the aforementioned results and do not limit ourselves to a specific color or size.

After finding some of the best dogs in the country and spending a small fortune, we realized that that was just the beginning in what we see as our never-ending care for our dogs. We spare no expense in making sure that all of our dogs receive the best veterinary care and also the best dog food and supplements. For example, we feed all of our American Bullies either Orijen Regional Red Meat dog food, Taste of the Wild dog food, or a combination of the aforementioned and raw food. We feel that with the right combination of genetics, nutrition, love and care, we can produce show-quality, family pets. In closing, thank you for visiting our page. Take a look around. Feel free to email us any inquiries or concerns at the official email address of PitKrew Kennels,

Or, if you would like a more personal conversation, feel free to call Justin Rodriguez at 1(773)710-1287 or Jose Rodriguez at 1(773)454-3476.

Thank you, from all of us here at PitKrew Kennels:

Justin, Nikko and Jose Rodriguez (Founders)
Hugo Rodriguez
Arturo Orozco
William & Crystal Torres
Jovani Sams